Sukho Thai Satays
Marinated chicken skewers, spicy Thai peanut sauce & cool cucumber salad
Sukho Thai Spring Rolls
Mixed Vegetables, ground pork, and fresh herbs, with plum sauce
Goong Tod
Six tiger shrimp, wrapped in rice paper, quick fried, served with cucumber salad and plum sauce
Sukho Thai Share Platter
Two pieces of our Thai satays, Spring Rolls, Tod Mon and Goong Tod


Tom Yum Gai
Spicy hot and sour soup with chicken, mushrooms and onions
Tom Yom Gong
An aromatic, spicy hot and sour soup with tiger prawns, mushrooms and onions
Tom Ka Gai
A broth of lemon grass, coconut milk, mushrooms, chicken and onions
Khoy Theou Nua
Rice noodle soup with seared beef, garlic sauce, broccoli, bean sprouts and green onion